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Criminal barbering? Raids at Orange County shops lead to arrests, raise questions

• Orlando Sentinel
As many as 14 armed Orange County deputies, including narcotics agents, stormed Strictly Skillz barbershop during business hours on a Saturday in August, handcuffing barbers in front of customers during a busy back-to-school weekend.

It was just one of a series of unprecedented raid-style inspections the Orange County Sheriff's Office recently conducted with a state regulating agency, targeting several predominantly black- and Hispanic-owned barbershops in the Pine Hills area.

In "sweeps" on Aug. 21 and Sept. 17 targeting at least nine shops, deputies arrested 37 people — the majority charged with "barbering without a license," a misdemeanor that state records show only three other people have been jailed in Florida in the past 10 years.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The greatest damage from raids like this may be to law enforcement.

Multitudes of law enforcement people are becoming upset with their law enforcement "family" over more and more operations like these raids.

We the people depend on law enforcement to do their job... enforce the law, protect us, oversee minor squabbles, keep the peace... and all that without bringing charges most of the time, and certainly without harming us, the folks that they are there to protect. These men and women in blue are peace officers, and that is what most of them are trying to be.

As raids like this increase, and as they come more and more in the view of the public, it will be the truly honest, peace-loving law enforcement people who will stat to enforce the law within their own group. They have been doing this for a long time, now, simply by enforcing as PEACE officers.

If we, average people, don't like what is being done, we need to support our local law enforcement by seeing that their superiors change the way that they handle situations. Mostly, law enforcement only follows orders by policy or direct orders from above... police chiefs, police commissioners, mayors, local big business, national directives, and the like.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Real criminals might shoot. 

Besides criminals don't look as nice as a daylight raid for the cameras with well lit piles of terrified and bewildered businessmen handcuffed behind their backs with a machine gun waving roidhead barking unintelligible orders at them to straiten up and look good for the cameras.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Out of control thugs with guns who are the real criminals. It's called PFP, (Policing For Profit) 

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Cops just stand around waiting for someone to tell them what to do..and they do it.

It dosn`t matter what they are told to do.The order can be unconstitutional,unethical,or down right illegal.and they just don`t care.

Cops don`t even care about the world they are creating for their own matters not.

I say someone should investigate the academies,and the methods they choose to hire a certain - kind of person.It`s very obvious that they are looking for a person that will do anything they are told to do even if it helps destroy their own families.I think exposing such dirty ,stupid cops to their neighbors,and community.

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