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Daily Paul #29 on Top 100 Conservative Websites

• Daily Paul

Ratings #8, October 31, 2010

DBKP has released its (mostly) monthly ratings of the Most Popular 100 Conservative sites on the web, the Conservative 100. The ratings are based on Alexa traffic rankings 3-month worldwide average. Ratings taken from October 30-31, 2010.

Six new websites are included this month: Daily Paul, Big Peace, GOPUSA, Conservapedia, Ron Paul Forums and James Lileks...

The Conservative 100 list contains sites of interest to conservatives or with a conservative point of view. Several Libertarian sites are also included, such as Reason and Freedom’s Phoenix, but no attempt to list all sites with a strictly Libertarian point of view has been made. In the future, Libertarians will have a separate rating list as more Libertarian sites are discovered.

See the list here:


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Comment by oswegoscott
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  The Daily Paul conservative !? I found most of the folks to be liberal acceptance freaks. I was often commenting about the immigration situation --I basically feel as Frosty does. There were MANY members there who were all for any and all immigration - including amnesty. They also agree with many of the acts of "that guy in the Oval Office". I was booted after the establishment members got upset with my opinions and cried to Mike.

    Freedom's Phoenix is a FAR better site

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