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And Now… Cheap Fluoride from China Leaves Unknown, Insoluble Residue in Municipal Water Systems

Desmarais said while soluble sodium fluoride has traditionally proved easy to dissolve and add to the water supply, in recent years he’s found that 40 percent of the product they’ve been buying will not dissolve, and he doesn’t know why. Desmarais has sent the material out for testing on two separate occasions, but had no luck in determining what it contained. He has sent it back to the supplier and had a better quality product delivered following the complaint. But the next delivery presents with the same problem, he said.

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 Not commenting on the story as I can not get to the story. The War On You site is so packed with tracking cookies I had to close my browser in order to even continue. I highly discourage any use of this site. Any story that they post can be gotten elsewhere without the hastle to the normal reader. I did write to them and asked them what they were doing and why it was so impossible to even get to their articles and they failed to respond.

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