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Does Obama support legal pot or not?

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The White House is opposed to California's Proposition 19 -- but really doesn't want to talk about it  

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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If any one really wants to know the truth about cannabis do some research.Look it up &  make up your own mind.

Cannabis was prohibited not because it's a truly dangerous substance. The kind that get's ya 'high' was not even the real target. Hemp was. Find out why WR Hurst had his lap dog Harry Anslinger ...

Find out how many THOUSANDS  of people die from Rx drugs every year. And how many from cannabis. 

Look up Henry Ford's hemp auto.

Look up all the items that can be made from hemp. Find out how good a food can come from it. And clothes. How it can replace chemical based stuff like plastic...

Find out how echo friendly the hemp plant is, especially when compared to synthetic oil based products like Rx drugs...

There is a lot to learn if you want to know the real truth & are not a big profit synthetic protecting liar & shill.













Comment by Powell Gammill
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Opponents of marijuana legalization, which includes every Democrat running for statewide office, argue that legalization would make highways and workplaces less safe. They also worry that it could endanger the state's share of federal highway dollars.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has vowed to continue enforcing federal law against purveyors and consumers of cannabis, regardless of whether or not Prop. 19 passes.