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Refuting the 9/11 "Truth Movement"

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Maybe it is a sick day. Nothing interesting to read today that's worth commenting, perhaps except this one, where you are not free to read unless you sign your death warrant.

Anyway, you have probably noticed that to those radical extremists in the so-called "Truth Movement", the truth about 911 is that 911 did not happen. What did happen was only a devastating attack of conspiracy theories that came down to us like a torrential rain. Buildings collapsed under their pressure. Conspiracy theorists have a lot of fun and at the same time have boggled the public’s imagination. Suspicion went askance, the unreal was reality, the untrue was true.

For example, a former student in my journalism class some years back wrote down his conspiracy theory about 911 and e-mailed it to me. He claimed that no airline had struck any building on that day of infamy. He was a reporter in the sky all over New York and Washington, D.C. in his publishing company’s helicopter responding to a speed crime scene on the road.

To cut his story short, he had this theory that what happened on that fateful day was that Obama, a smart organizer and planner of doom, had conspired with the underground bomber Bill Ayers and with the help of the underground CIA and FBI demolition teams, and now operating under his wing, blasted the Pentagon structure, the Twin Towers and the surrounding buildings. He cited as proof the crack on the ground in the Pentagon area with some shiny white metal fragments around it possibly coming from a plane crash as shown in publicized pictures which he said could not have been created that small had it been the spot where the hijacked airline had landed and exploded!

Maybe his stomach was hurting while laughing so hard when he e-mailed his conspiracy theory to everybody he knew. I should have ignored it, but I responded to him … telling him to see his doctor immediately!

Comment by Justa Nother-Schill
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And I quote:

"...for a group of people ostensibly devoted to investigation and inquiry, the simple questioning of the conspiratorial conclusions is immediately shouted down by these self-same "pursuers of truth"."

The commentaries offered by people such as Jorge Brasil above are exactly the sort of thing being referred to here. The Truth movement isn't a reasonable enterprise, it is a religion. Mike does an excellent job answering many of the questions and all the Truthers can manage in reply is some scoffing ad hominem.

Yeah, I think he's got ya'll pretty well dialed in with that comment.

Comment by Beowulf Seeks
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Comment by David Forty
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 FaceBook is an intelligence front sponsored and set up by the CIA and the Department of Justice. There is no way I would ever sign up. So, no thanks, I'll pass.

Comment by jorge brasil
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As Jack Nicholson's character in "A Few Good Men" said: You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!.

You are asking us to suspend our belief in physics and believe WTC was not a controlled demolition.

Sorry Mike, you sorry shill you, 911 was an inside job and the facts are coming out.

 You are like a wife in denial about her husband's infidelity. The consequences of acknowledging the truth are too expensive.

Comment by Mary Long
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 well too bad i dont get to read the article i mean if i want to sign up for face book which i don't!so if you decide to actually put the article here let me know i was looking forward to reading it but facebook no thanks!

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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Am I the only one who finds it strange that you have to sign up to some social network system in order to read an article.   Gives me the creeps.  I mean, I could just create some dummy account, but why should I have to?