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Federal appeals court puts California gay marriages on hold

• Washington Post

California's ban on same-sex marriages will remain in place until at least December, an appeals court ruled Monday, dashing the hopes of hundreds of couples who had hoped to wed as soon as Wednesday.

The action by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit overruled a federal judge's go-ahead for the issuance of same-sex wedding licenses.

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      California’s Proposition 8 won. Marriage is only between a man and a woman. U.S. Dist. Judge Vaughn Walker said wrong, it violated the Constitution on grounds of discrimination.

      This actually happened: A man died and left a fortune to his dog named Gorky. Considering this rich doggie estate, the man’s friend Dork published his desire to marry Gorky, both male. The dead man’s heirs sentenced Dork to death by stoning. Dork should appeal the sentence to Judge Walker. This UFO judge on earth has no idea which animal sexes are marrying and he will definitely rule that the discriminatory sentence is aside from being too harsh, unconstitutional. So, why not? Same sex marriage for Dork & Gorky. The Kind to Animals Society has standing in court, just as marrying balls and bimbos have. No sex or sexual discrimination, right? This may sound animalistic, but long live the Animal Kingdom!