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The Low-Carbohydrate Un-Sandwich: A Tantalizing Flavor Indulgence!

In fact, the experience may be so tasty and so visually pleasing that you don’t even want to go back to boring old bread anymore. I will post un-sandwich ideas after first writing about the health benefits of un-sandwich eating. Scroll down for recipe ideas for un-sandwiches such as: The Mexican Fiesta, the Addictive Sweet Potato Burrito, Hot n’ Spicy Cheese Un-Sandwich, Cucumber with Smoked Salmon, Children’s Sweet Date-Nut-Cinnamon Un-Sandwich, Un-Pizza, The Falafel Un-Pita Pocket, Grilled Cheese, Curried Chicken or Curried Tuna un-sandwiches, Curried Neufchatel with Mango Chutney and Fresh Coconut, Tofu Salad Un-Sandwich, Sushi, The Party Pinwheel, and so much more…