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Another Good Day for the 1st Amendment: US Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC Fines

• Paul Levinson
For the second time in three years, the US Court of Appeals in NY has struck down FCC fines of broadcasters for fleeting expletives. The winds of freedom are starting to blow...

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Comment by Justen Robertson
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That's not the wind of freedom blowing, that's the hot fart of of a new kind of slavery spreading through the polluted air. Sure, a more secularized culture no longer observes the puritanical outrage over words associated with sexuality and bowel movements. They've replaced it instead with political orthodoxy and insane overreaction to (often completely unfounded) hints of discrimination. When the FCC is abolished and all people are allowed to broadcast whatever they wish to the limits of their imagination and equipment we'll have real liberty - respect for our right to offend and be offended, to disagree, and to change the FUCKING channel if we don't like what we see.