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Catherine Bleish Debunks the SPLC – FEMA Camps


Do you trust the research of the Southern Poverty Law Center?

I used to, but after I began publicly questioning their ties to the Missouri information Analysis Center (see testimony here or an article I wrote here :) , I found myself being character assassinated by their organization. In fact, because of their seemingly deliberate attempts to smear my character, I have had people making statements about my intentions that are anything but true. I believe in peace, I advocate peace, and I am not blind, I know that our government is committing acts of violence against peaceful people everyday.

Does the Southern Poverty Law Center want to protect the violence of the government?
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Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock
Declare Your Independence With Ernest Hancock Afternoon July 6th 2010
Ernest Hancock
   Heidi Beirch - Director of Research at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

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Comment by Die Daily
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Catherine, nice work. The truth is NOT proprietary. Any and all who take up the banner in earnest should be commended. The most common charge mad against AJ is "shameless self-promotion". You're now in good company! Or, as AJ says, you know you're over the target by the fact that you're taking a lot of flak.

Comment by Catherine Bleish
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The legislation was only introduced in 2009, so how could AJ have been discussing this for years.

Why criticize me for being "behind alex" instead of celebrating I"m TRYING.


Come on now, really?  I'M TRYING HERE FOLKS, why are ya'll so dang negative? 


Spread some love for a change (isn't Phoenix the birth of the rEVOLution?)


Just saying..

Comment by Anonymous
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 Notorious self-promoter Catherine Bleish is at it again.

Alex Jones has performed and broadcast this EXACT SAME analysis.

He made has been broadcasting it for 10-15 YEARS.  Where was Catherine?

In fact, much of Catherine's "analysis" appears to be lifted from AJ.