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Arizona's illegal immigrants departure affecting businesses

Latinos represent a huge and fast-growing market. About one in three people in Arizona is Latino, and about 40 percent are 17 or younger. In Arizona, Latinos accounted for 16 percent of all purchases in the state, or $31 billion in spending, according to a report by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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 Not all Hispanics/Latinos are illegal! Most are Americans that want the illegals out of their state just as the rest of the taxpayers do. Why do you want to lump all people with brown skin in the same lot with the illegal racist of you!

Thank You Gov. Brewer for standing up for Arizona!

Comment by Found Zero
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I've been wondering about this: what will the overall economic impact be? Businesses that cater to latinos, the entire latin American community is fairly insular. A lot of their income isn't spend into the Arizona economy, it's sent to Mexico and other places where these folks are supporting family. To an extent, I think our economy is agnostic to these inputs. If the whole thing simply ceases to exist, what besides sales taxes suffer?

As far as jobs and impact to AZ business in terms of the employee pool, here in Prescott, departing illegals had their jobs refilled IN 24 HOURS. THERE ARE TONS AND TONS AND TONS of people here that will take ANY JOB THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON and due to this shortage, wages for these jobs have remained the same.

SO MUCH FOR THE "JOBS AMERICANS WON'T DO" THEORY. With an improved economy, we can naturally expect wages to rise with demmand for labor.

As to housing inventory (or excess thereof), Phoenix is way over capacity. This was not caused by illegal exodus, it was caused by pure hubris. That great cash cow is dead, inventory will have to shrink as prices adjust. But this will be good news for first time home buyers down the line.

I can't deny that I'm personally conflicted on this issue because I'm the product of illegal aliens. My matrilineal grandfather snuck in from Puerto Rico where we lived in the jungle. Taino!

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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Interesting that four of the families are moving to Pennsylvania where I live.  A large city not far away from me tried to pass a law regarding illegals, but the law got shot down in the court.  I think if more illegals move here, you'll see PA try to pass AZ-type laws in the future.  I may feel bad for them, but they broke our laws and I don't think we should reward them with blanket amnesty.

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Gee I wonder how many of the buissness owners are the ones that will only hire employed applicants ? Don't go away mad, just go away !!