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Macondo: Well From Hell Was Named After a Cursed Town That Vanishes

Macondo was the name of the cursed village in Marquez’s novel, which in the end, every last trace of the village and its inhabitants were swept away by a violent storm. “It was as if God had decided to put to the test every capacity for surprise and was keeping the inhabitants of Macondo in a permanent alternation between excitement and disappointment, doubt and revelation, to such an extreme that no one knew for certain where the limits of reality lay.”* From the onset, people working on the drilling platform said the Macondo well was troublesome, unpredictable, and one concerned worker even told his wife that it was a “cursed well.” The project was running over budget and behind schedule because of numerous problems and unforeseen setbacks. However, despite the many bad omens, BP choose to ignore the risks, pushed onwards, and took even more risks to cut costs until 20 April 2010 – the apocalyptic day of reckoning for BP - the fiery beginning of the end.