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New Air Conditioning Up To 90 Percent More Efficient

• LiveScience
The comfort of air conditioning on a sweltering summer day often comes at the cost of steep energy bills. A new air conditioning process needing 50 to 90 percent less energy than today's top-notch units, however, could offer a cool new solution.

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Hmmmm. This has me puzzled. Carnot cycles aren't supposed to get more efficent than about 66%. If this item doesn't require you to keep adding fresh desiccating salts, then it's a helluva thing. If it does, then it's a bit of a lie. Saying "electric cars don't use any gas or coal" is the same sort of lie, unless nothing was burned to generate the electricity. Likewise, this device (if it relies on replacing the supply salts to operate) has to note the energy cost of drying out the desiccant in the first place, or reconditioning it once it's used up and full of water. The energy to do this should then cost as much or MORE as the standard Carnot refrigeration cycle used in normal A/C units. If not, then I need to go back and re-evaluate the second "law" of thermodynamics. Love to know more about this project before suggesting it is a scam, but I'm pretty sure something just doesn't add up. The process of un-wetting the desiccant (if the machine re-uses it) is going to be a huge energy burden now matter how you slice it. If the desiccant is one-use-only, then the energy burden of creating each one-use batch is similarly huge. If those energies are not factored in already, then these people are misleading us big time. But, like I said, I'd need to know more about the desiccant before calling it a scam, based merely on its seeming violation the 2nd law, lol.