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Illegal crossers are being attacked by gunfire in southern Arizona.

• Natl. Assn. of Former Border Patrol Officers
 The following was reported originally in EL FINANCIERO, a financial-type news publication out of Mexico City. The translation of the article is complimets of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

El Financiero (Mexico City) 6/20/10

Mysterious armed attacks against illegal in southern Arizona

Phoenix – Undocumented immigrants and presumed drug traffickers are being attacked by gunfire from unknown assailants in the desert areas of southern Arizona.  A series of incidents have the authorities bewildered.  The Sheriff’s Department of Santa Cruz County, along the border with Mexico, has reported more than 50 attacks since April, 2008, to date.  In these events, some 12 immigrants have received bullet wounds and at least three have died.  To the north, in Pinal County, another series of armed incidents have been reported, presumably between undocumenteds or narcotraffickers.  Last June 11, two Mexicans, presumed to have been carrying drugs on their backs, were killed by gunfire in an area of Pinal County, some 80 miles from the border.  Farther south the same day, a group of five undocumenteds were ambushed by two men dressed in camouflage clothing near the community of Rio Rico, between Nogales and Tucson.  The attacks remain a mystery.

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heres some advise dont take no reports on them being shot keep it shut up 

dont matter if they are being killed of shot at they should back off and go back across border and die for i care


dont help them if they are dying put them out of the miseries like you do when a animal is dying and in paine

if they are dying take them out to where known packs of wolves are at and leave there to be eliminated is all no regrets no nothing death is a natural thing for socialists