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Ariz. lawmaker takes aim at automatic citizenship

• AP
Emboldened by passage of the nation's toughest law against illegal immigration, the Arizona politician who sponsored the measure now wants to deny U.S. citizenship to children born in this country to undocumented parents.

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Comment by Christopher Broughton
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I personally think that being born on the planet earth does not automatically give one the right to be here, especially if their parents are from Mars for example.

I think Senator Russell Pearce and Congressman Ron Pauls proposals on birthright citizenship are so brilliant and would be so benificial to the American people that we should make it our interstate, intercity, and inter-company policy as well because after all, jobs in Arizona belong to the people of Arizona, they are literally the property of every citizen of Arizona and if some smelly Californian hippy tries to steal one, he should be arrested and deported.

Also any employer found to be giving the jobs of  the people of Arizona to lazy New Mexicans or Nevadans should be shut down in order to stimulate the Arizona economy!

Comment by Found Zero
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The argument is "...and subject to the jurisdiction thereof". Illegal immigrants do not or have not subjected themselves to the jurisdiction of the USA and therefore do not bear birthright citizens. However, the issue here is not the immigrant (legal or otherwise) but their children born here. So the issue would be one of the child becoming "subject to". The established means of becoming subject to the USA in this day is....INS. The immigration and naturalization process. Part of which involves revoking any previous citizenship or subjection.

It's not a bad argument. But this brings up a deeply troubling side-effect. These children, unrecognized by this nation, might not be recognized by any other. Bear in mind, it's not as simple as "what's Mexico's position?" vis-a-vis these kids because Hispanic immigrants can come from points South of Mexico.

So what happens to them? The issue is non-trivial because look what happened last time we had a large mass of stateles persons. Israel/Palestine is what happened. Now if we WANTED to repeat that mistake, we have to find an even less well-off and totally unsuspecting population to dump them on. Like the Innuit. Or perhaps....Lithuania.

Comment by TL Winslow
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Let's say that automatic citizenship is ended. Then not only will there be umpteen million Mexican border-crossers to deport, but all their babies. But deporting them doesn't seal the unsealable border, and the corrupt Mexican govt. isn't going away, so they will likely recross, like a ping-pong game, a very expensive and wasteful one. Why not finally accept that Mexico is too dependent on the U.S. to keep on, and work to reorganize it as several new U.S. states to expand the border to the Mexican coasts, where it can finally be sealed, at the expense of making all Mexicans into U.S. citizens and giving them a voice in govt. Considering the U.S. will gain 760K sq. mi. of new territory and 5.8K mi. of prime coast, a potential New Calif. and New Fla. (forgetting the oil spill, half is untouchable by it), it's a win-win solution. Find out about the Megamerge Dissolution Solution at

Comment by Christopher Broughton
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It should be self evident that the geographical location you are born in is not your home, but rather the geographical location that you were not born in!

The constitution is the chains that bind the government.

War is peace, whooo hooo!!!