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Karl Denninger: How Much Further Do We Let This Go?

There you have it - a federal official from the USCG threatening local and county officials with federal charges for protecting the inland waterways and acting to close STATE waters. So much for state sovereignty - are we a federation of states or a Kingdom under Washington? Now let's be clear. They intend to try to "boom" the pass, but here's the kicker and admission: Wants to know if the booms will hold in place, since they have not held in place anywhere else. “How can you tell us they are going to hold here,” he asked. Campbell said the setup they are using, utilizes a new angle that will work with the currents. He said the magical number to use is .7 knots, if the currents are greater than that the oil will make its way under the boom. Currents in the Destin Pass run 3-3.5kts both flood and ebb. Congratulations jackass, you know damn well it won't work as the current runs at five times the maximum that can be stopped by boom. Now let's add a few more things. There are reports from fishing boats of mile-wide and eighteen inch thick oil mats 5-7 miles offshore - headed here. That's bad. What's worse is that I saw video today of divers nearshore documenting that there is suspended oil in the water column. That's a consequence of the dispersant used. Suspended oil will not be stopped by anything short of physical closure of the entrances to the bay - here or anywhere else. The EPA, BP and the Federal Government have had and permitted BP to use a dispersant that guarantees that boom and other attempted mitigation methods that rely on the oil being on the surface (that is, floating on the water) will not work. The oil is expected to be here within 48-72 hours. How does it feel, Ms. Mayor? County Commissioners? There is no time to seal the pass at this point even if you wanted to. You can't dredge and fill in 24-48 hours, which is all the time you have. The equipment isn't here, there has been no contract let, and no time to get the equipment here. Nearly two months was wasted jacking off and listening to "The Unified Command" which was unified in doing only one thing - spraying dispersant into the oil to guarantee that it will pass under all surface barriers and "slow walking" state, county and local response with permitting and approval processes until it doesn't matter any more.

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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So nailman the FBI didnt pick you up then.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Way to be Karl, Very nicely said. How much longer will we take this shit ?

I for one believe when they (feds) declare Martial Law for the oil Blowout (not a spill) and they will. I feel that Martial Law is a declaration of war against it's citizens and it will be a war. If someone can tell me ONE good thing that has come out of D.C. ( District of Criminals) in the past 20 years that is not a lie. I will say I'm sorry and go back to sleep. Just look at todays articles here on Freedomphoenix and tell me I'm wrong. Time to man up and prep for what we all know is comming this summer. Molan Labe' mofo's