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Why Helen Thomas Received Abraham Foxman’s Just Desserts

Helen Thomas, the legendary doyenne of the Washington press corps, recently resigned her position after making the remark that the Jews should decamp Palestine and set off for Poland, Germany, and the United States. It was an impolitic and downright inappropriate comment to make. It was also her right as a private citizen to say whatever she wanted. She was expressing an opinion, as many of us do in the course of our day. Abraham Foxman, the self-appointed arbiter of Semitism and all things thereof, predictably went into his usual histrionics. He insisted on public contrition, but when Thomas apologized, Foxman decreed that her apology did not go far enough. For Abraham Foxman, a sackcloth, ashes, and a public stoning outside the city gates would not be enough. Foxman has made a career for himself of making it downright dangerous to express anything other than pro-Israel, pro-Zionist, pro-Jewish attitude....

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Comment by Die Daily
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I liked this part of the article, especially:

Foxman fails to comprehend the irony of his existence: in Germany under National Socialism, failing to endorse wholeheartedly the line that the Germans were Aryan supermen who descended from a superior alien race and were therefore entitled to do whatever they had to do to purify their land and the world at large of all corrupted and lesser races was something that could cost you your livelihood and, in some cases, your very life. The Nazis chased everyone from the public sphere who dared to dissent.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Found it

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Oh is that who thats a picture of?

I saw one like that actually it was that but there was a caption on it that said "This makes me moist"

Funniest damn thing Ive ever seen