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Miss. board denies staging 'sham' prom for lesbian

• AP
A rural Mississippi school district that was sued by a lesbian student who wanted to bring a same-sex date to the high school prom is denying accusations it routed her to a "sham prom" at a country club while most of her schoolmates partied elsewhere.

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Oh, I believe it happened, all right.  The same trick was played on me -- not for sex/gender reasons, but for politics (of what sort, you can guess).  Now "freedom of association" is all very well, but when you're dealing with a group's/community's money, then no member of that group who (or whose family, in this case) has paid money (taxes) to the support of the group can be fairly excluded from that group's activities.  Yes, the high school that didn't want "their" prom-party "spoiled" by the presence of "that icky creature" damn-well owes the girl her family's money back again -- with something extra added for the public humiliation and the cost of going to court to gain her rights.  Fair is fair.

--Leslie Fish