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Google I/O 2010: Google TV Keynote - Introducing Google TV

2 minute cartoon that explains it:



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They announced my product at the Google IO tech conference yesterday – Google TV.  The above link takes you to the first of a few videos that demonstrate its capability.  My product is the chip that powers these devices.


In my eyes this represents a much easier way to bypass the lamestream media.  On your TV you will be able to search for whatever programs you want, and it won’t matter to the platform if the show comes from satellite, cable, over-the-air, or the WEB.  It will look the same to the user.


The demo is impressive in what capabilities will exist for the user, but embarrassing in the number of technical snafus they experienced with the Bluetooth keyboard controller.  Everything eventually works, though.


This is a big deal – 6 of the most powerful consumer electronics CEOs were on stage together for this announcement representing Google, intel, Sony, Logitech, Dish Network, and Best Buy. 


At the end of the demo, the presenters ask people to get their websites ready for when GoogleTV is available in stores.  Freedoms Phoenix should be ready!


Rumors are that we might get a few of these boxes to play with here.  If that happens, and if you are interested in seeing it, I’ll let you know.





(It’s also worth looking at the Android tech announcements that happened just before GoogleTV)



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Comment by Nick Barnett
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Pretty cool. Am I the only one that is worried about giving Google any more of my private data? They already know my browsing habits, now they are going to know which video advertising works on me. Now we are all going to be 1 step closer to the NSA living in our TV :)