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Allman Brothers Bass Player Defends Rand Paul

• Sharlene Holt, Musicians for Freedom
From the Daily Paul; This is a comment at Rachel Maddow’s blog. What other arguments can be used to defend Rand?

Rachel, I am a 45 year old Black American male who loves your show but I strongly disagree with you about your position on Rand Paul. Just so you know I voted for Obama and Kerry because I was horrified by both Bush and Palin respectively. Here’s where I disagree with you.

1. If someone in the Klan owns a restaurant and doesn’t want to serve me, why on earth would I want to support him by giving him my money? I don’t want my money going to buy little Klan baby clothes. I’d rather the privately owned establishments wear their racism on their sleeves so I know who to support. If they want to lose my money, and the money of all other minorities and people with brains and a conscience, then fine. Racism is bad business.

2. There’s two facts none of us can get around. Churches are still the most segregated places in America every Sunday morning. Its called freedom of religion. There are still restaurants where you can’t go in D.C. and I can’t go in Georgia. That’s called tribalism. Integration cannot be forced privately, only publicly. Tribalism cannot be defeated by legislation. Freedom of speech and of religion means also freedom of @!$%#s. I prefer them with their hoods off.

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Comment by SamFox
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The man's voting is kinda weird. But given that McLame was the other choice...[VOTE JD HAYWORTH!!!]  

But what he said about Rand was very good. Also that private business should be free to discriminate if they are so stupid as to think they will be in business for long. They would be boycotted & out of business in a day or two. As they should be.

 Govt has NO right to tell private business what to do. .Give govt an inch... The market place can handle bad business very well IF given the chance. 

Maddow & ilk are so used to govt control in so many small for now ways that when some one says something against it many times the person standing for liberty is attacked. 



Comment by Nick Saorsa
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While I fundamentally disagree with almost every aspect of the Democratic party and their tactics, I would like to think that the people that vote for them have good hearts. They want a better society, less poverty, fairness and such... they just go about it in a violent manner by forcing those that don't want to participate to fork over their money at the end of a barrel of a gun.

Just because they haven't realized how violent their approach is doesn't necessarily mean that they are evil idiots.  (None of this applies to elected Democrats, I've yet to meet one that I thought was a good person... except maybe Kucinich.)

Now that I've generalized and collectivized huge amounts of people, I'll quietly disappear into the ether :)


Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski
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 Stuipid Is, Stuipid Does !! You voted for Barry even thou his citizenship was In question before you went to the ballot box !! And Bush and Palin scared you ??   Obama and Kerry ?? ................WTF Am I the only one confused here or am I really seeing 20/20 for what It Is ?        I read It twice .......

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