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But Newt Is...

I would have to say that it gratified me to see such a dust up on Linked In & other sites that we post to as well as our own in response to the Newt article. I would preface the rest of this article to say that I would support Newt over another Obama regime. Period. I know there are a lot of people who have brought up the supporting of several party candidates who would, in many cases, be considered RINOs. Sure that is true, but party solidarity matters doesn't it? Also, there are people who bring up the fact of how Newt managed his personal life with his women, how he asked for a divorce while his then current wife was deep in her battle with cancer. You know, in looking back at history, I don't know that it matters much to the American people - and maybe it shouldn't anymore. You know, we elected a president who consorted with terrorists and felons. We have applauded not impeaching a president who was disbarred for lying to a court while under oath for having sex in the Oval Office.

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