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Run, Newt! RUN!

There may be a small glimmer of hope for our country come 2012. There may be a running of the Newts. That's right, Newt has come out and finally admitted that he may have his eye on the run for the White House in 2012. This is a good thing for many people because he is very intellectual and very experienced for the job. Another reason that this may be a good run - he is a historian as well. Why is this such an important thing? Because, as many people will tell you - those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This is why we have a situation that we do right now. This is why we are heading down the same failed road that other countries and even states in our country have walked down. This is why we keep hearing the same failed policies of Japan (who is still in a recession after 10+ years of Keynesian failed economics), Greece, Europe, Massachusetts, Tenn Care, California, Carter and others....

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Comment by James Murtagh
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You guys must be kidding you are actualy promoting Newt the "NeoCon Gingrich???

And you want to call Alex Jones controlled opposition???

I think you guys have lost your way!

You might as well promote that scumbag John McCain, I'm done with you guys you are becoming the enemy more and more every day!

Costanza has proven to be a dissappointment all that is left is Ernie Handcock but I am sure he will find a good spot in the collective Americans to fit his Knife into.

Flip floppers

You guys flip flop more often than the burger patties at Mc"GMO"Donnalds!


Comment by Patriots Think
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ick.  he might be a political savant but there is, is little else there, there.

Comment by 4409
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This the man who had the contract ON america...This man is a complete joke...hahahahahahahhahahahahha

Is this April 1st?

Comment by Anonymous
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You have GOT to be kidding! Newt Gingrich?

And the comment “…if he doesn’t surrender to the standard Beltway malaise…” is laughable.

He IS “…the standard Beltway malaise…”.

Keep him out, and throw out the rest.


Comment by G Cone
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Holy shit don't make me puke. This douche would have alcohol and sex before marriage capital offenses. He'd probably throw people in jail for not believing in his little invisible friend jesus. I'd just as soon have Obama re-elected. {{shudder}} 

Comment by David Alpha
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Don't, Newt! Don't! 

The left-right paradigm is sooooo last century.