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Andy Stern leaves SEIU $85 million in debt, joins Obama’s Deficit Commission

• JoAnne Moretti
This is one of those stories that makes it worthwhile for a blogger to get out of bed in the morning. Andy Stern, Chief Thug President of the infamous Service Employees International Union, more commonly known as SEIU, left the union $85 million in the hole when he resigned. With credentials like that, it’s only natural that President Obama has appointed Stern to a position on his Deficit Commission.

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Comment by Ross Wolf
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U.S. Taxpayers should not somehow get stuck with SEIU’s $85 million debt. Loses in any union can affect many people. Citizens should call for a deep independent audit of SEIU to determine with particularity how the union got $85 million in debt. And determine if all the union’s contributions to Obama’s campaign were lawfully appropriate.