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In Defense of Sedition

• Lew Rockwell

Time magazine’s Joe Klein recently appeared on a Sunday news show where he accused Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin of "sedition" because of their criticisms of the Obama administration’s expenditure of trillions of dollars of corporate welfare in the form of bailouts; its Soviet-style nationalization of automobile, banking, student loan, and mortgage industries; its historically wild spending and borrowing binge; its forcing of socialized medicine down our throats in the face of overwhelming public opposition; and its plans to tax American capitalism into bankruptcy. Anyone who criticizes such things should be thrown into the Gulag, says Klein. Another talking head on the same television show as Klein screeched that Rush Limbaugh should also be indicted for "sedition" for the crime of criticizing King Obama.

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Comment by Patriot 2012
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the day will come when the American people are going to take out these sort of Commies. Mr. Klein is living on borrowed time I believe just like those in DC. I can already see either a bomber blow him to bits or a shooter do their thing. Something has to give soon. Mr. Klein is evil! Saying what he says, if he were around when our founding fathers were alive...he would be hung by his balls.