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Let's all take a break and head to the snow

• Meetup/Donna Hancock
We have all been working so hard for various things that we feel are important, and that leaves little time for letting off some much-needed steam. After all, you have to take a break from all the intensity once in a while, so here's a way to have fun and fellowship with our friends and fellow activists...Let's go play in the snow!
I had the pleasure of getting to take a day off while Ernie was traveling, and I went up to Flagstaff this past Sunday to go sledding with all of my grown children and their friends and families. I have to say that I had an absolute blast, and would like to share the experience with you. Ernie and I will plan on leaving from the Freedom's Phoenix workshop on Sunday at 9 a.m. and depending on how many others show up to go, we can caravan/carpool to Flagstaff Wing Mountain Snowplay Area Map to go sledding. It is $10/ carload to park. We have some extra sleds, and also a few extra ski bibs and other assorted winter clothing items if you need to borrow them and don't want to buy anything just for the day (although there is a limited supply, so let me know right away if you need to borrow something).
The place is called Wing Mountain Snowplay Area, and is just down the street from Snowbowl. At this location, there is a campfire to help keep warm and a snack bar that does not rip you off. There's one large hill, and several smaller ones.
Look forward to seeing you there and just having some good old fashioned fun! smile

And for those of you who don't live in Phoenix or the surrounding area but want to take a break from all of the constant activism or from carrying the burden of knowing the truth, plan something with others in your area and just go blow off some steam and do something fun.

Here's our little granddaughter, Kaylee Rose, who was all bundled up and ready for the snow......