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Eric Massa: Dirtbag or Evil PR Genius?

• Mondo Frazier
Eric Massa spilled on the corrupt process that ObamaCare has become. Is the Dem a lying dirtbag or an evil PR genius? Are conservatives "duped" by publicizing his allegations?

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Comment by Don Wills
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Just watched 1 hour of Massa talking to Glenn Beck. He's neither a dirtbag nor an evil PR genius. He's simply a confused, naive ex-Navy officer who believed in the Mr. Smith goes to Washington myth. He's a D who calls himself a fiscally conservative progressive!!! Got elected 14 months ago and quickly became disgusted with the system. Voted against cap & trade and the health care bill and Rahm Emanuel started threatening him. Whispering campaigns. Not unlike what the establishment did to Sarah® in Alaska. Massa is beat down, exhausted, might have recurring cancer and just got sick of the system, so he quit.

Nothing to see here ... move along.