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Sarah Palin 9/11 truther controversy makes hypocrite of Glenn Beck

• Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones

Posted from Infowars by Sharlene Holt

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Days after Debra Medina’s rising bid for Texas Governor was stung by controversy over comments about 9/11 on the Glenn Beck Show, it has emerged that former Vice Presidential candidate and “Tea Party’ darling Sarah Palin has done her one better– stating her support for a new 9/11 investigation just before the 2008 election, and going far beyond Medina’s mild statement.

Yet, it isn’t the audacity to admit there are remaining questions about 9/11 when scientific polls have found that 84% of Americans do not believe the official story and at least six of the 9/11 commissioners think their own report is flawed, or worse. Instead, it is the hypocrisy of Glenn Beck and the media cretins who followed his lead in dismissing and defaming Medina outright for not immediately belittling 9/11 truthers while ignoring similar statements by GOP darling Sarah Palin. 

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