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I'm a born again American, Conceived in Liberty

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I am A born again American I am My Country's Keeper My President and Congress report to me And so- I will stay informed and concerned I will make my voice heard And not just at election time I can make a difference I matter I am an American, born again

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Comment by Thane Eichenauer
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Norman Lear did indeed pay to have this video created.  I find no fault in the wording or sentiments expressed in the song.   Even a broken clock is correct twice a day and I would say that this song is worth listening to (and even repeating).

Comment by Frank Henry
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 You can talk ...You can vote...

But,  do we listen to your voice... do we count your vote???

Am an election worker...we do not count you vote...we leave it to machines.

And, we do not check the count for you after you cast your vote.


Now keep voting ... but demand we verify the counting of your cast votes.

Demand from your elected officials your full vote counting rights.

After you get your full vote counting rights...Your voice will be heard...

Your vote will be counted...


Thanks and Good Luck,

Frank Henry

Cottonwood, Arizona

Tel:  928-649-0249


Comment by Jerry Corbitt
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 This elaborate and very expensive charade is the brainchild of Christian hating, America loathing Hollywood Uber-Liberal Norman Lear. His clout and money went into this flashy Tinsletown attempt to mislead good God fearing people. Their plan is to transform the way we see ourselves as Americans the same way ACORN want's to help Obama re-make America. These are the same people that gave us "People For The American Way". Is anyone here old enough to remember how they worked to rid America of God and fight the appointment of all conservative judges. This organization has nothing to do with being BORN AGAIN and even less to do with being an American who believes in traditional values.

Don't be fooled about who these people are and what they a trying to do.