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Congress passes bill to fund government through December 18

• Reuters
A temporary measure that would keep the U.S. government running through December 18 cleared Congress on Thursday, giving lawmakers more time to work on spending bills for the current fiscal year.

It was attached to a $32.24 billion bill that increases the Environmental Protection Agency's budget by 26 percent.


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Comment by Jim Bennett
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NO FOREIGN ENTANGLMENTS (George Washington 1776)  Bulletin # 1


Read what Chalmers Johnson writes in book NEMESIS: “Our professional, permanent military currently costs around ¾ trillion dollars a year. This amount includes the annual Defense Department appropriation for weapons and salaries of more than  425 billion, another  120 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, $16.4 billion for (GET THIS: NUCLEAR WEAPONS ??? DON’T WE HAVE ENOUGH OF THOSE?); and the department of energy’s weapon laboratories ;( ENERGY? WEAPONS?); $12.2 billion for the Military Construction appropriations bill; well over $100  billion in pension, hospital costs, disability pensions for  the veterans, many of whom have been severely and permanently wounded, and how many who never came back alive.


NOW COMES THE KICKER:   But we are not actually paying for these expenses. Chinese, Japanese and other foreign investors are. The USA is running the largest governmental tab in national debt and trade deficits every known or imagined.  Sooner or later our militarism will threaten the nation with bankruptcy.  These foreign investors will demand payment in gold as the dollar is worthless as of 2008. They will have us over a barrel.


Do I hear the wisdom of NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS?  But there is more.  There is Foreign Aid giveaways, there are UN entanglements and financial obligations, there are hundreds of secret financial payments for all kinds of “operations” not counting the expenditures of CIA and all the intelligent gathering organizations who in fact have a dismal record of missed intelligence opportunities (9/11 for instance.) 


Stay tuned for more bulletins, but above all, WAKE UP AMERICA IT MAY ALREADY BE TOO LATE.



Comment by Powell Gammill
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Because CONgress needs a lot more time to spend more of your money you don't have.  I am sure your grand kids would complain, only they haven't been conceived yet.