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When a pot calls a kettle “black,” is that “racist”?

• Newsreal

“Did the WashTimes fabricate its latest ACORN attack?,” they ask readers this morning, helpfully answering: “Yep”.

Media Matters then does what leftist apologists do when they can’t mount a substantial argument: they turn into literal-minded Rain Man types, and try to nit-pick their target to death:


…the Washington Times, in its headline and article, reports that ACORNCEO Bertha Lewis, during an address at the National Press Club on Tuesday, claimed ACORN critics are “racist.”

Slight problem: The WashTimes fails to include any quotes, any evidence, any anything, to support the “racist” angle; a specific word the daily uses three different times. Instead, it appears that the WashTimes’ Joseph Curl just invented the explosive charge of racism

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