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Whole Foods Haters Use Flash Mob Tactic


Ever since the grocery store's CEO wrote a Wall Street Journal editorial that opposed President Barack Obama's health care reform bill, they have tried everything to get back at one John Mackey.

If you've been to a Whole Foods lately you can attest to the fact that the call for a boycott isn't working.  The parking lots remain packed and the lines are still long.

This weekend in Oakland people who believe health care is a right tried a new and quite entertaining tactic that used a "flash mob-like" feature.

Protesters picked a store in Oakland, a song and a group of clumsy singer/dancers to pull it off.

They walked in the store separately, band members and all, and spread out amongst the aisles.

After pretending to shop for a few minutes, the mob made their way to the one spot in the store that had room for a dancing number.  They all gathered right there in front of the refrigerated guac and salsa, singing their hearts out to the tune of Tony Basil's "Hey Mickey.