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Arizona's Image Improved Because State Respects the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

• KFYI Radio
Alan Korwin and Eric Cartridge appeared on the Terry Gilberg Show on KFYI Saturday night to discuss the effect of the "Black Man with a Black Gun" protest on Arizona's national image. Despite what the biased lamestream media says, many Americans were impressed with the fact that the State of Arizona and the Phoenix Police Department respect the First and Second Amendment rights of Arizonans. Please listen to the show.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Indeed Terry was very cordial. I've been open carrying around NAZ (no rifles mind you) but nobody seems to notice as usual so I'm pretty thankful that recent hype hasn't measurably impacted my customs.

I will admit to having scruples about open carrying some places. Little-league games for instance seem way more inappropriate for open carry than political demonstrations. Notwhistanding the fact that I've open carried at political demonstrations in the past and not really had any reaction to the sidearm.

If just for starts we could agree to keep them out of the youth sporting events as a start maybe? Know how they say never bring a knife to a gun fight? Well bringing a gun to a soccer-mom fight is the more insideous oppostite. No weapon devised by man can handle this situation and your best bet is to run.

Listen to me young men so your days are free of trouble and woe.

Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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Bravo, Eric and Alan, on a great presentation. You both did a fantastic job staying on point.  I completely agree with how you described the event downtown, Eric.  Personally, I don't think any of us  even thought about exactly when and where Mr. Obama was gonna be that day! My focus is freeing minds and spreading the Freedom message. Thank you to Terry Gilberg for hosting a fair and truthful program.

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