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Teaching Obama to Children (And Maybe Some Adults) by Szandor Blestman

• e-mail from Mr. Blestman (American Chronicle)
 "We have been tolerant and accepting of corrupt control freaks for far too long and if we don't take a public stand now I'm afraid we will not be able to later."

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Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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This phony outrage is laughable.  Where were you idiots when Bush addressed school children?  Did you take your kids out of school or did you keep repeating "this is the president of the United States and we need to show respect for the position"?  Right-wingers apparently love a Bible-spouting president, who lied us into war and shredded the constitution, over a guy who actually has a brain and can put a sentence together.

Comment by Anonymous
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It is bothersome when folks continually underestimate our children and grandchildren to solve problems and understand concepts.

Comment by Anna Aldredge
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Unfortuntely coming from a communist country, I do not share your views. I was greatly influenced in our youth movement because as you must understand, children want to belong to something bigger than themselves. They love group things and while I find some groups to be good, others completely take away from the true self and the courage to be independent. That has been one of the major problems with our youth within the last 40 years. High drug use, binge drinking and the likes. That's why a lot of the youth never leave the nest or they come back after a short venutre out in the world, not being able to take care of themselves. I call the the perpetual children. Having Obama indoctrinate young impressionable children is dangerous. I would not mind having my child watch something like this if I were with them to explain things on the spot. However, very young children rarely remember what is said to them, but it does stick in their psyche none the less. Though from what I heard, Obama does not plan to give the speech he intended, which was how to serve him, I don't trust him and would not trust anyone under the age of 18 to listen to him. Even that's taking a chance because until one is age 30, they have not had the life experiences to make good judgements on themes such as the ones Obama wanted to impart. He wanted to have the children think about how they can serve him. Just as Michele said that we would work for Obama, well guess what, he is here to serve US. Anything other than that is socialistic. Considering Obama's agenda and his socialist/fascist/marxist czars/advisors, we as adults have a hard time trying to figure out what  their true agenda is. I, myself feel it is an evil agenda. Can our children ascertain the difference? I think not.

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