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Anti-Vaccine Ron Paul Insaniacs (aka, "Ronulans") Rousted by Phoenix PD, and Man Could I C

• Phoenix New Times
[this from the writer:] I checked the Phoenix municipal code, and Section 3-6 may apply, as it prohibits "the distribution of posters, cards, signs, handbills, placards and other notices generally." But like I say, I'm pro-graffiti, so even if there is a law that applies, the issue becomes how to not get caught. Like many a goofy ofay, the goofy ofays in this video wanna argue with the coppers. And that's after the bulls wanna cut 'em loose!

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Comment by paul reithmayer
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 I screwed up on the post ,do a search H1NI Vacine and mercury

Comment by paul reithmayer
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Don't care what they spout but   Mercury is Linked to Autism and Multiple Neurological Complications

As it has been abundantly proven, mercury and its derivatives are responsible for autism in children and many other neurological diseases, such as the Gulf War Syndrome. Mercury in its most common form -

-->     H1N1 Flu Vaccine Will Contain Mercury  

thimerosal- is put in almost all vaccines made available to the public, usually as a preservative. As it was recently unveiled by the Washington Post, many doses of the new H1N1 vaccine will be stored in multi dose vials which will contain thimerosal.

After having read the transcript and watched the report where Dr. David Spencer -head of the CDC during the 1976 swine flu scare- confessed the swine flu vaccine was not tested before giving it to 46 million people, I now have another concern regarding the new untested AH1N1 vaccine, which will come out in the Fall of 2009. It was confirmed that the new vaccine will contain mercury and mercury derived ingredients.

Due to the use of thimerosal in vaccines given to kids, the number of cases of autism has increased by 1500 percent since 1991. This number corresponds to the period of time during which the number of vaccines for kids also increased. While in 1991 there was one kid diagnosed with autism for every 2500, today there are 166 kids diagnosed for the same 2500. These numbers as well as public pressure to stop using mercury in vaccines, has made forced some companies to allegedly reduce the amounts of thimerosal used in their products.


Comment by Paul Culemasa
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 I hope they got the badge # of the officer that threatened to "find something to arrest [them] for" after they leave.

That is a violation of rights. That officer is not fit to be an enforcer of the law as he just showed his willingness to abuse the law and abuse the rights of the citizens he took an oath to protect. The oath to defend the Constitution is an oath to defend the rights of the posterity of the people for whom the constitution was written.

Comment by Bennichs
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I think it's funny becuase the reason Stephan wrote that article was becuase he knew someone would post it to Freedom's Phoenix and he would get more hits on his high school gossip column...I mean Phoenix New Times blog

Comment by Philly Dave
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Mr. Lemmons has a lot to say on the subject for someone who "could care less".

Comment by Morpheus
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My post to newtimes

Dear Flatearth,
it is typical of someone in denial to talk about something completely unrelated to the subject matter at hand.  Your rant about the flat earth is a diversionary tactic which I am sure most people see through.

Going back to the real issue.  Do the people have RIGHTS?  Judging by both you and Stephen's babbling it is oblivious have even a clue as to what RIGHTS are.   In this country we have what is called the Bill of RIGHTS that are restrictions on what the government can do.

In case you are unaware these rights include freedom of speech and the of press.  Now when the city passes a code limiting freedom of speech and press that would make it unconstitutional to do.  Yet they do it anyway.  And they get away with it!  How can this be done, one might ask.  Simple, the courts all work for the government.  So the government paid whores in black dresses do whatever the government tells them to do.  Are you so naive to believe otherwise?

Do you suppose that our founding fathers spilled their blood to formulate a society like we currently have, dude you have to wake up from your government induced stupor.  WAKE UP!

On the positive side I would like to thank you and Stephen for pimping both and
by giving them props you have unwittingly drive people to their sites and will cause some of them to wake up.

There is a REAL war going on RIGHT NOW, for peoples minds and in your feeble attempts to silence them you are actually waking more people up than you lull more back to sleep.

We surround you!  Have a blessed day!

Comment by Morpheus
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you are big time now the Phoenix New times has you on their page... AWESOME! they even have a new word for us RONulons... I love it! The feathered bastard gives you props.  I am proud to be a Ronulon.  LMAO

Comment by Powell Gammill
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In his head and in his heart. 

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