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Bearing arms exemplifies anger over big government - by Alan Korwin

• Arizona Republic

Why are people showing up at political rallies armed? When Chris Broughton appeared at a rally during President Barack Obama's Aug. 17 visit to Phoenix, Broughton's holstered sidearm and shouldered rifle made international news.

What's happening? More and more Americans fear their government is racing out of control, and they're speaking up peacefully but in no uncertain terms.

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Comment by Found Zero
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I just checked my pocket and I found 3 mice. One is black the other is white and the last one is kind of like holstein-colored, black and white blotches. They were kind of cute so I set them on the table in front of me and tried to give them some bread crumbs when I noticed something odd. They could smell the bread but they couldn't see it.

"Son of a bitch" I said to myself. "Dang if I ain't got three blind mice right here in front of me".

Here's where things went wrong. See the whole thing struck me as being so commical I threw back my head and roared with laughter and just right then the wife sneaks in and cuts off all their tails with a cutting knife and I said "DAMMIT WOMAN, WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU GO AND DO THAT FOR?"

All I can think was these mice was blind to begin with and now they ain't got no tails. And worse, now they think I'm the guy who did it so they won't come near me no more.


I hope mouse tails are worth something on the commodities market or today is just a total loss.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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"We have a black president?"

 You have a mouse in your pocket? 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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We have a black president? 

Comment by Found Zero
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Lucky Red is so confused but he's having so much fun it's hard to want him to stop. See, he figures he's stumbled on a secret hide-out of neocons.

Not all bad. He's getting the first real political eduction he's ever had.

Comment by Charzhome S.
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True, he was a very bad president. But Obama is not only continuing his bad policies, but making them far worse. 

Therefore we rightly condemn Obama, since HE is in charge now.  And HE is leading America *over the cliff*, here in the present.  

If you are an American, how can you justify defending this man who violates our Constitution at every turn?  Imo, I don't care that he is black--what concerns me is that he is Red.



Comment by Richard Stone
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 Lucky Hal Turner, I never get tired of your inflammatory drivel , ( I lied ). Ignoring you, or outing you doesn't work to make you go away and play where you are wanted. How about a bribe ? a case of beer and a large pizza?

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Wow!  How very patriotic!  How very macho!  How very Old Wild West!

If bearing arms exexmplifies anger over big government, dudes, why weren't you bearing them between 2000-2008 when our big government got us involved in 3 wars for oil, religion and Weapons of Mass Distraction, gave the biggest bailout in the history of the world to the wealthy with the working class' money, millions of working people lost their jobs and their homes, the administration spied on the citizens while wipping its ass with the Constitution and, last but not least, two (read TWO) presidential elections were stolen.


Now, there's something to get pissed at...much more so than having a black president!


Comment by George Andonyan
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Nicely stated Mr. Korwin.  Living among a good number of outspoken citizens who get the pulse and gist of our founders gives me hope.

Comment by Found Zero
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I wonder if we could mobilize a boycott. If all the pro-gun people in Arizona boycotted the AZ Republic it would probaby be the end of them.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Alan emailed out a update on his column.  The AZ Republic dropped this paragraph just before the Ernest Hancock paragraph starts:

"Remember similar coercion over "stimulus"? Sign
immediately or face doom. Our unrepresentatives caved and signed. Now,
czars control the cash. You remember history -- czars are tyrants. Congress
doesn't control them, only their proclaimer does. It's shadow government,
an affront, a usurpation. The people must object."

Also the editors apparently objected to this and changed its wording late in the column:

"New York City and Washington, D.C. are where most national media festers. Their gun rights are so violently repressed the mere sight of guns makes
them wet their panties [the paper said, makes them shake]."


Comment by Ernest Hancock
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 Great Job Alan!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The above link is the same article, but different reader comments.