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Liberal Congressman asks to see ID of questioner

• Coralville Courier
At a recent town hall meeting held by liberal Congressman Moran of Virginia, the Congressman had the gall to make one of his own consituents show him is ID. [ Video attached. IMHO - too much demand on who you are and not enough on who they are.]

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Comment by Rusty Shackleford
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“Oh’ I’m sorry Mr. Butthead Congressman I thought you said you wanted to see my XD!”

(mine is a .45 acp if any of you are wondering)

 The true color of the liberal, fascist party(s) (democrat/republican) is showing through.

I’ll bet this guy could also come up with a legitimate Birth Certificate also…..

*side note: on the subject of ID...All of you do realize, my real name is Dale Gribble….But if all you are going on is my confession, forget it…..I’m simply not credible!

(Who is this Lucky Red? Some kind of internet Obama commieCzar troll?)



Comment by Chip Saunders
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That reminds me of the excellent scene in VIVA ZAPATA!,  when Marlon Brando (as Zapata) has an audience with the Emperor and tells it to him straight. The Emperor responds by demanding to know his name. Upon giving it, the Emperor writes it down. When Emiliano Zapata returns home to his farm, he is hunted and targetted for daring to suggest that the Emperor was at fault for something. And thus, one of the greatest revolutionaries of Mexico was born.

It's a great movie. You should get a copy.

Comment by Anonymous
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Onward Christian Soldiers  :))

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Those damn peace-loving liberals!  We should just hit them all over the head with our bibles, tie them to a tree, cover them with wood and set them on fire (while wearing our white hoods they can't ask us for ID)!