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More Women Carrying Guns

Video Virginia Briand is a grandmother of six, a gourmet cook and an avid gardener. She's also pretty good at target practice. Virginia is among a growing number of women, women over age 50, who are taking their safety seriously. "The bad guys don't just hang out in bad areas. They're coming to your neighborhood so people are starting to accept a lot of personal responsibility." Fire Arms Instructor Michael Jurina Is teaching this concealed carry class at the Shooter's Club in Harahan. "We've gotten a lot older group of people who've become a little worrisome, especially after Katrina and other recent events around the country that have made people say, 'Yikes. I guess the police aren't always there,'" he says. "I felt unsafe after the hurricanes and after the millennium," says Virginia. Now, she feels very comfortable handling a gun. "I think i can sense danger. I know my rights. I know the dangers of what