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Auto Dealers Paid for Just 2% of Clunkers

• Fox News
Sestak said only 2 percent of claims have been paid and that four of every five applications have been "rejected for minor oversight." Dealers have submitted requests for rebates on 338,659 vehicles.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I want to see the other 98% of perfectly fine running vehicles now sitting on a lot with burned out motors and finally crushed into a cube for Asian scrap metal. Never, ever trust the government.

Comment by Found Zero
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Oooooooh! I guess that's the kick in the balls participating dealers had coming to them. But this is brutal even by my terms. Kick 'em when they're down and kick 'em again when they're trying to get up.

Talk about a bait and switch! Hoooo-boy talk about a bait and switch. "Minor oversight"? Yeah right.

The major oversight was getting in bed with the pimp.