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The End Of Obama's Honeymoon

We are six months into the Obama reign, and he surely did have a good thing going until very recently. He pushed through what voters thought was a stimulus bill. He held numerous press conferences at which an adoring media allowed him to display his rhetorical skills. No mumbling George W. Bush, he. He toured the world, to the applause of adoring masses from London to Paris to Cairo. He fulfilled a campaign promise to tackle perceived global warming and lead the world to a cooler, greener future by urging Congress to pass a cap-and-trade bill aimed at cutting CO2 emissions. He bailed out General Motors and Chrysler, rewarding the United Auto Workers for delivering key states to him in last year's election. Then he made the mistake about which Sondheim wrote and Sinatra sang -- he wanted too much. He attempted to push through Congress a so-called reform of the nation's health care industry -- a $1 trillion restructuring that would turn effective control of one-sixth of the ec