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Fat! It’s the New Smoking!

• Big Hollywood
As the Most Powerful Community Organizer in the world pushes through his vision for your future healthcare, his minions are hard at work. Myriad press outlets are blaming fat folks for the rise in healthcare costs. In Obamaland, fat is the new smoking! How and what you eat is the next evil behavior to be controlled by law! Here is the reason: in the future if you do not conform to the health police’s standards you will be denied access to healthcare. You smokers and drinkers, you fatties and stoners, you are a drag on the system. Your behavior is making you cost too much so go to the end of the government rationing line and hope we get to you. You oldsters and people with chronic conditions take a pain pill. You are a bad risk for successful treatment. In fact, why don’t you do us all a favor and take the whole bottle of pills and check out!