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The Bliss of Ignorance

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“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Presently, the Department of Defense is claiming that anyone practicing civil disobedience by exercising their first Amendment rights is committing an act of terrorism, albeit stately low-level. Why is it that Americans, while touting freedom and waving flags, do nothing about the erosion of our God-given liberties?

Even the Iranians are able to stage a protest large enough to grab the attention of the globally controlled media. Granted, the escalating revolution was undoubtedly set into motion by American interests. Never the less, at least the Iranian patriots were enraged enough to gather in action against an oppressive regime.

Meanwhile, treadmill bound lackeys, commonly referred worldwide as ignorant Americans, remain content suckling the swollen tit of government comfort.

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Comment by William1950
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It must be understood in any country over 80% of the people will not stand up or defend themselves.  This is true with crime and also, more-so with the RIGHTS they may have.  Most will take the knee to whomever is in government no matter what government does.

The rules, changes that some are against, to the many are sugar coated with the "changes" the new administration is talking about.  Not how to pay, not the loss of jobs but the health care, the banks and wall street.  But will the most stand up?  No.  Oh, they may go to a rally and march in the streets but they will not join arms and stop when the swat team or boarder patrol breaks down a door.  They will hide and complain but that means nothing.

Remember, when George Washington was building a new country the majority were against him. or not supporting him!

Comment by foundZero
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Wait, wait, wait. "Even the Iranians are able to stage a protest"???? Yes indeed they are. It's against the law, they are being beaten and shot by security and paramilitary forces, but they are able.

So are we.

Hey, I'm not defending the regime in Iran or the USA. But to suggest there is any single freedom in Iran that does not exist here is a stretch. A big one. 

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