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Glenn Beck Says 911 Truther's are Destroying the Country

Why would anyone listen to a Neocon like Glenn Beck?

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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One of the basics of disinformation is to sprinkle it in with 'the truth.'  Truth-truth-lie-truth-lie, etc.  This is the Glenn Beck modus operandi in a nutshell.  He is a charlatan in the mold of Benny Hinn or Jimmy Swaggart.

Screw Glenn Beck right in his blubbering pie-hole.     

Comment by Larry Smith
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 Glenn Beck is the only person on T.V. who is speaking citizen to citizen, in plain terms, invoking common sense solutions and not using the terms of the politicians, i.e. I will not stand for it, (whatever it is), and I have a plan (Obama) but never stating what the plan is.  Nothing Beck says, if instituted would hurt the country.


Comment by foundZero
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I'm still somewhat in shock over the whole thing. Some of us went on a very rapid counter-attack and were pulling some of our best tricks in advance of the teabaggers but man, we were tactically smacked by the sheer power of the MSM and strategically, we lost so bigtime I don't think many of us understand it.

Whatever credibility we had to much of the leftist activist factions is pretty much trashed. Say what you will about entrenched, controlled opposition, it's still an artificial rift that we made incredible strides in destroying with the RPR. We gained much new blood and a whole new character to the R3VOlUTION which will not roll back for us internally, but our external options have been expertly and seemingly permanently cut off.

By co-opting Tea Pary and our rhetoric, they tie us to their millstone. We're tied there now in much of the public mind. Absolutely nobody in the MSM was capable of a cogent synthesis except an unlikely ally: Rachael Maddow. By all reports as gay as an upside-down flagpole, I watched several pieces of hers where I was frankly prepared to renounce my marital vows or at least go to work for her. Whatever her liberal thought crimes, she not only saw who we are and what it meant to us, she defended us. I don't think she had any motive to do so, I don't imagine it endeared her to her audience. That there woman, I do believe she has a brain. And it's occurred to me of late how many really strong women we have in the movement and in our leadership in the grassroots. There's something to that, keep an eye on that.

I feel strongly that we loose all moral credibility in attacking Obama. Or at the least, any patriot who did not attack the Bush regime and it's abuses has no moral credibility attacking Obama now. And we gain hardly a shred as a movement by doing so.

My reason for saying this is because the masses of people that suddenly find us palatable now with front men like Peter Schiff explaining why they have a hole in their wallet, OK, now we're staring to make sense to some of the centrist sloths who never think a day in their lives anyways, who only vote with their wallet, who are and will remain asleep and who will take orders from whomever promises them sugar corn pops. We gain nothing by moving a sitting person from one chair into another.

And now for some worse news.

When the leftists tie us together with racists and white supremacists and the fact that a recent anecdotal amount of crazies that grab guns spout our rhetoric?

How many of us will deny having read anti-Semitic comments on the boards? Sorry, I can relate to the discomfort. I've been in semi-denial about the reality of militia groups in the USA and in the broader movement for some years now. But perhaps it's time to face facts.

Our movement isn't well constructed to resist this kind of take-over, a simple re-branding our opposition did with just a few of their regularly scheduled broadcasts.

Over 30 years we've been building this movement and know what Glenn Beck's handlers just learned? They can mobilize 10 times the people we can in the streets and they can do it on just a week or so's notice. We have no hierarchy to issue a rebuttal and by the way, CFL and Ron Paul aren't in a position to do a direct-assault because of the partisan ambition. There was no central point of resistance because we ourselves (as usual) were divided and even if we weren't, what were we supposed to do about it anyways?

 The funny thing is at one phase, I think we can still do it, but we've been masters of INACTION right when and where we should have been: the DNC and RNC. That one, somehow everybody but a few of us realized it was a trap, a custom-designed kill-zone and we refrained from direct action. The word got out in a big way. What are we doing? Everything but direct confrontation. Where are we going? Everyplace they don't expect us to be.

If none of my ramblings made any sense, look at yourself in the mirror and see if you can say "co-opted".

I really wish after being so negative and critical and give some new direction. Truth is I'm not sure exactly what we're gonna do this time. I tend to look more and more to the new, younger generation of activists.

Comment by Barry Hess
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Beck is just another neo-con spouting the propaganda.  He's just an idiot who won't go so far as to say:  What would it hurt to prove the "Truthers" wrong with an open and honest investigation?  It would make short work of the whole question. Right?  They are oddly willing to spend time and money denying, but not proving--or allowing for public input and questions.  There are some smart people out here, ya know.

It's like all the hullabaloo over the novelty president's birth certificate.  Why not just prove the 'conspiracy theorists' wrong?  It would be easy enough.


Comment by Barry Hess
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Comment by Don Wills
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Glenn Beck has listened to the truther's arguments and come to the conclusion that 9/11 happened essentially as is generally accepted. So that makes him a neocon and/or a bad guy? I think not. Glenn Beck is a good guy - he's on the right side of the limited government vs. Obama war that is happening now and is critical to the future of our country. Gregson continues to do more damage than good to the liberty movement by attacks like this one that denigrate good people like Beck.

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