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Pocket Machine Guns!

• Turner Radio network
Preparing to clean-up the social, cultural and political filth in the United States has spawned many terrific creations which PATRIOTS are making use of. The video below shows one such nifty creation: a pocket machine gun!

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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"While the company who made the prototype below "has no plans to manufacture these" their plans have been leaked and Patriots in home workshops all over the country are producing these things like crazy! "

SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!!! (If it were true, I would be among the first to get these prints.) The company, MAGPUL, developed the FMG for sales to government agencies. While the prototype is merely a demonstrator model designed to attract interest in the product, no company would let their proprietary design out freely like that to be copied by anyone. Besides which, since it makes extensive use of polymers and extrusions, this is beyond the home gun-builder's capacity to reproduce.

However, this product is merely an improvement on a previous design from over 30 years ago, called the UC (Under Cover). A small number were produced back when new manufacture of machineguns for citizen purchase was still legal. They are still available for sale, at approximately $13,000 per unit. Being made out of steel and 60% of its components being easy to find Uzi parts,...this one actually IS able to be copied and produced by a skilled home manufacturer. Here is a link to promotional video for the current distributor of the UC, showing how easy it is to conceal and fire.

Comment by Charles Hallam
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Where can I find a blue print?