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Gallup boss: More Americans oppose gun control than ever before

• Houston Chronicle
More Americans than ever oppose government efforts to regulate guns, Gallup's top pollster said, calling the trend "counterintuitive".

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Comment by Bob Smiley
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After reading some of the comments on the other blog I despair of any common sense ever being shown in the matter of gun control. The framers of the Constitution would roll over in their graves if they could see how the right to bear arms has been so perversely twisted to become the egregious cause of death and destruction today. Semi or fully automatic weapons, armor piercing shells, what an absolute hyperbolic definition of the original meaning of the Constitution. You know the old Biblical saying, "those that live by the sword shall die by the sword"? Well the US is living proof that the Bible tracks the truth. If, as many opine, the reason for the right to bear arms is due to the deep distrust of the American government, then why doesn't the general public take more interest in politics so that you get a trustworthy government? If that is not possible, maybe the US should be broken up into more politically manageable pieces.