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Glen Beck's San Antonio Tea Party Fraud

Check out the signs that the organizers will not allow into the event.

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Comment by Ken Demyen
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I think the point of restricting signs is to avoid party affiliation. There is enough already going around that the tea parties are nothing more than a right-wing Republican movement, we don't have to add to it.

The tea parties must represent ideals not parties. Other wise it will be business as usual politics of "us vs. them"

I attended a tea party this last Saturday that was nothing more than a Republican love fest, the purpose was defeated as the Republican speakers were just as responsible for the tax hikes here in California as the democrats.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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From "The Rules":

"RULE 1: No Violence
We are not anarchists. ..."

While at first blush this seemed to be saying anarchists are violent, as you read on this rule is clarified as being for Party members who only know violence as a means to their desired ends. I'm glad they clarify that this gathering is only for authoritarian sociopaths, but it could have been worded better.

The funny rule is #4:

"RULE 4: Respect the Sacred Grounds
Both during the Glenn Beck show, and during our Tea Party, we will respect the Sacred Grounds of the Alamo. While we can gather behind Mr. Beck during his broadcast, we will carry no signs of any sort onto the Sacred Ground."

Not just sacred ground, but Sacred Ground.