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Mike Monsoor: Navy Seal Received Extraordinary Funeral

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An extraordinary funeral send-off for an extraordinary American Hero: Navy Seal Mike Monsoor.

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Mike Monsoor is no hero.

Mike Monsoor not only swore an Oath to "protect and defend the Constitution" for the united "States from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC," (emphasis added) but he also promised in that Oath that he would "obey orders according to" that "same" Constitution.

Article IV, Section 4, of that Constitution limits the role of the Army and Navy of the united States to protection "against invasion and against domestic violence."

Mike Monsoor left the confines of the United States on a purely offensive war in violation of his Oath.

Mike Monsoor is a traitor to his Oath and our Constitution.

These violations of our liberty by a Federal government that is out of control will continue as long as those who purport to love liberty continue to pay homage to those who enlist in the United States Armed Forces thus enabling the U.S.' current playground bully foreign policy.