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Revolution March!

• Revolution March
Revolution March needs your help! This march is supposed to be a grassroots effort, so please, pledge to come and spread the news! July 12, West Side of Capitol Hill! We need donations, so gear up for the Memorial Day Money Bomb! Flyers at: http://ww

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Comment by Mary-Grace Cook
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The reason it's not a "Ron Paul March" is because of permits. We can't have a campaign rally at the capitol, and this just about him. Its about the ideas that he has really worked to make popular. If this was a Ron Paul March, then we would be done when the campaign was over, but we won't be. This is a REVOLUTION, not a blimp of activism.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
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Well, great job you got the hottest day of the year ....5 stars

Sorry but this IS a Ron Paul march. The march would not have been there if it were not for Ron Paul. We the People wanted it for Ron Paul.

Trying to remove Ron Pauls name from the march like you have been doing is not right and a slap to the face of all the supporters.

Infiltraters from the beginning of this march has all about ruined it!

Comment by Mary-Grace Cook
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Unfortunately, moving the date isn't possible. We didn't pick the date, it all came down to permits. Also, this isn't a "Ron Paul" march, instead, it's a march that advocates freedom, peace, and prosperity for all, through adherence to the Constitution. Ron Paul is our keynote speaker, and we are more than thrilled to have him there, but this is an idea that exceeds one person, group, or generation.

Also, it's not just another march and it's not about getting the president's attention. It's about getting the people's attention, and helping them learn how to cause civic and national change. This is a cornerstone event for major change, letting individuals know that we are here ready for the Constitution to be listened to again, and will be working for it day and night until true liberty is restored.

Anyways, hope that clears up some questions, and I'll edit the post so that it has this information in it.

-Mary-Grace Cook
National Coordinator

Comment by Scott Worthy
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This article makes some very good points as to why the march should be moved to the convention and not DC.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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This is the next major project for the r3VOLution to infect the population of Washington D.C. (and I'm talking about the interns and residents etc - time for us to have some fun)

"The injection of the libertarian infection into the bone marrow of American politics,... for which there is no cure"