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Energy plan pushes America to bankruptcy

• AP
[The smartest people in the world.] Majority Democrats plan to include the requirement in broader energy legislation to be debated in the context of $90-per-barrel oil, $3-plus pump prices and growing concerns about climate change. The House plans to

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Comment by William Shaw
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Number one, This government, this congress, is the culprit,with the selfish power to give it's self a raise, far above what is needed, any time it chooses,with all their perks,and lobbiests filling their pockets, is the true cause of America going down the tubes !
Their lies about greenhouse gasses, while our sky is filled with toxins dumped upon the public daily by the chemical cartels. Is this why Billy boy Clinton opened the air space over the USA ?
As for our oil supply, there is more than enough for several hundred years right here in the USA, Preven ! Now you know why this government capped all the wells which were over producing and caused price wars at the pumps with 35 cent a gallon + full service and a gift of dishes etc.
There is NO global warming, proven by reputable scientists galore !
There is NO greenhouse effect, Proven !
We have NO shortages of anything , except truth in this government !
It is a government of deceit to control the public, and their minds, converting our next generation into slaves on demand.