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Police chiefs call for ban on assault weapons

• Miami Herald
The International Association of Chiefs of Police urged Congress to pass 'an effective assault weapons ban.'

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Comment by William Shaw
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How maqny times does it have to be repeated for idiots to understand ?
It isn"t the weapon that kills, it's the person that pulls the trigger ! These jerks are always after the guns,patriots know why and so do they, a disarmed populace has NO protection from murderers ,or the police.
The law enforcement can blame themselves fot 2 reasons, Forming SWAT and passing out tickets for profit instead of the persuit of dangerous felons.
They analiated themselves from the public and formed their little click when they abandoned the cop on the beat, loosing all knowledge of neighborhoods and their special intrests of aiding the police . Now they still do not understand this great folly. Get back on the walking side, know the public,and the undesirables.
The patrolmen are not for gun control, they are not stupid and know many citizens have prevented more crimes than they have, proven. Most people who own firearms know how to use them, and others are vets.
Therefore it is a well known fact these police chiefs do what the government wantss in order to obtain grants. They go along to get along.
How many are appointed, and how many are elected by the people ? Even most Sheriff dept. do the same.
None obey the Bill of Rights,and this is the ploy they fall into, to serve the elite and ignore the tax payer who is really paying their wages and for their equipment . As they treat us like low class slaves, pay up or go to jail !