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Assault-weapon attacks on rise in Miami

• AP
[it starts] The spray of bullets that killed a police officer and hurt 3 others came from something increasingly common on this city's streets: a high-powered assault weapon, fast becoming the gun of choice for gang members and violent criminals.

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Comment by William Shaw
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Forgot to mention, this idiot in the photo is doing what typical idiots do, his finger is on the trigger.
Not one to trust with any weapon !

Comment by William Shaw
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Lets' tell it like it is ! What nationality is using assult weapons in Miami ? Are these random shootings,or are they a step of many to becoming a gang member? Most weapons are highpowered,even hand guns. Why the emphesis on HIGH POWERED, Why not just state what caliber ? Is this more hype to confiscation of our self defense ?
Seems the police have a more important role than giving out tickets,better get your priorities straight.