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The Next Ex-NRA Board Member

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"My dad got drummed off the Board for independently lobbying........" Chris Knox

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Comment by William Shaw
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All remember, NRA and Heston, were the first to OK ban on any weapon by the Gestapo(BATF).
An illegal act by both. Ignore all weapons ban.
Laws do not have to be obeyed if they are illegal.

Comment by Carey Lewis
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This is the kind of garbage from the NRA that caused me to switch to the no-compromise Gun Owners of America.

Newsflash to the NRA: Hunting isn't the reason for the 2nd amendment.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Funny, I figured the next ex-NRA board member would be Sen. Larry Craig. I was wondering what Larry was doing hanging out in all those men's rooms at the NRA conventions. Wanting to handle everyone's weapon I presume.